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Joining Professional Black Belt Academy can have numerous benefits: physical, emotional, and mental. One of the most obvious benefits is improved physical fitness. Practicing martial arts involves a lot of physical activity, which can help improve cardiovascular health, increase flexibility, and build strength. Additionally, martial arts can help develop important self-defense skills, which can provide a sense of confidence and security. It can also help reduce stress levels and promote relaxation, as it emphasizes mindfulness and focus.

Another benefit of joining us is the sense of community and support that comes with it. Our classes involve working with partners and teammates, which help foster a sense of camaraderie and belonging. Additionally, we have a strong focus on discipline and respect, which will help instill important values and life skills in our students. Martial arts is also be a fun and engaging activity that provides a sense of accomplishment and personal growth as students progress through different levels of training. Overall, joining Professional Black Belt Academy can provide a wealth of physical, emotional, and mental benefits while also fostering a strong sense of community and personal development.

Team Bockler posing with Master Hudson
Team Bockler posing on the mat
Our Gladiators having a little fun
Mr. Simon Bockler, Mrs. Marlene Bockler (Simon's mom)
The Bocklers with the cast of Karate Kid
Simon posing with a student
Simon breaking a concrete block


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Monday: 4:00pm – 7:30pm
Tuesday: 4:00pm – 7:30pm
Wednesday: 4:00pm – 7:30pm
Thursday: 4:00pm – 7:30pm
Friday: 4:00pm – 6:30pm
Saturday/Sunday: Closed

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At Pro Black Belt Academy, our students learn:
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🎄 Focus
🎄 Self-Discipline
🎄 Respect
🎄 Determination
🎄 Self-Respect
🎄 And Practical Self Defense


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Amazing kids and future leaders are cultivated by our world-class instructors and training program, which combines Taekwondo, American Karate, Kickboxing, and Jiujitsu.

“We love this place! My boys learn so much more than just martial arts. The perseverance and respect that they are learning to have on the mat, is carrying over to our home as well!” ~ L. Naquin

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