After school program

The ultimate aim of martial arts is not having to use them.

After School Program

For a Limited Only, get 2 FREE weeks upon Enrollment!

Our After School Program Provides A Safe Environment Where Your Child Can Thrive

We understand that as working parents, your top priority is the well-being and safety of your child. That’s why our After School Program aims to provide a secure and supportive environment where your children (7 years or older) can thrive both academically and physically.

Our program offers a perfect blend of awesome martial arts training and dedicated homework assistance for your child, so you no longer need to worry about your child’s well-being during those last few hours of your workday.

Here’s what’s included in our After School Program:

  • Safe Transport from School: In addition to our core offerings, we provide safe transportation from school to our facility, ensuring a seamless transition for your child.
  • Communication and Teamwork Skills: We believe in the value of effective communication and teamwork. Through interactive activities, our students learn to express themselves confidently and work harmoniously with others.
  • Well-rounded Physical Fitness: Physical activity is crucial for the overall development of a child. Our program ensures that students stay active, promoting a healthy lifestyle and building their physical strength and agility.
  • Effective Bully Prevention Tools: We equip our students with valuable bully prevention strategies, empowering them to handle challenging situations with confidence and respect.
  • Lifelong Habits of an Active Lifestyle: Our goal is to instill healthy habits that will benefit your child throughout their life, encouraging them to maintain an active and balanced lifestyle.
  • Confidence in All Aspects of Life: Through martial arts and positive reinforcement, we cultivate a sense of confidence in our students, helping them excel not only in their studies but also in various aspects of life.

Our experienced and dedicated instructors are committed to providing personalized attention to each child, ensuring that they get the most out of our After School Program.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enroll your child in a program that promotes both personal growth and academic excellence. Limited spots are available, so we encourage you to sign up early to secure your child’s place.

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After School Program

For a Limited Only, get 2 FREE weeks upon Enrollment!

Is previous experience in martial arts necessary?

No experience required!  It is our belief that martial arts improves focus and respect, both on and off the mat.  We also believe that a child builds confidence in an environment that fosters personal growth alongside others.

Is membership required to enroll in the after school program?

We offer the After School Program to our members. Therefore, your child will also need to enroll in our membership to enjoy the added benefit of the After School Program.

What age range is the camp designed for?

Ages 7 and up will enjoy all our after school program has to offer.

What will be the schedule for after school activities and classes?

After school transportation from the school is provided, and the After School Program kicks off at 3:30pm.  They will spend 30 minutes on the mat with our instructors prior to joining their regular class schedule.  Homework and fun activities in a dedicated, supervised area is provided.

what time is pickup?

Pickup is at 6:00pm 

Can i tour the facility?

Of course!  We would love for you to stop by for a tour.  Simply use the contact page and we'll reach out to you to find a time that works with your schedule.

do you offer this program during holidays?

We follow the McKinney ISD calendar and do not offer this program during holidays. If school is not in session for holidays, early releases, or inclement weather, our After School Program will also not be in session.